Because it is often from the everyday women like you and I, that many could usually relate to and learn from. 


On a backpacking trip across Indonesia, my friends and I took the local bus from Borobudur to Yogyakarta. We wanted to be adventurous and ended up crammed into a mini-bus with no air conditioning and no open windows.

I was lucky I got a seat. I sat in front of a man with a sack containing a live chicken. Yes, you read that right.


Yes, my mom is losing her memories. I remembered vividly what the doctor said on one of our many visits to the hospital, “She’ll reach one stage where she won’t remember you.”

My heart sank. How can a mother forget the person she carried for 9 months?

Now, 8 years has gone by, she has lost many basic abilities like talking, eating on her own and yes, my greatest fear has come upon me - she no longer remembers me.

the selfless one

Never have I seen her abandon love, even if love had at one point abandoned her completely. There were many times as I grew up I saw her offering her shoulders for people who needed comfort, even when we knew the one who needed the most comfort was her. There were times I couldn’t understand, why does she kept on giving even when the world seemed to have taken so much from her?

the ideal weignt

My ideal weight is not fixed to one number, it will fluctuate from time to time but more importantly, my ideal weight would not affect my state of happiness. The weight that is not consumed by what others say. The 'weight' of my body that I comfortably carry to present myself, to stand up for myself.


The gap year

I pretty much put my existing life on pause button when I decided to leave the country for a year, in pursuit for the trip of a lifetime - a trip to rediscover myself.

the wind beneath my wings

When I was a little girl, Abah taught me how to drink hot tea from the plate. He will pour the tea on a small plate, cool the drink with his little blows and pass me the plate to sip from. To this day, it is our father – daughter ritual. Except that, the table has turned – now, I am the one who would pour the drink and blow the tea for Abah because his sight has deteriorated.

my pursuit of happiness

I don’t want to spend the finite time I have in this world looking back in despair and yearning for things that has yet to happen, instead it is my mission to return the kindness, patience and love of this man who has given me nothing short of everything.

an honest account of a mompreneur & educator

Many people tell me that I seem to have my cake and eat it. I get to have a career and watch my children grow up. To be honest, there are many times it feels like I am in no man’s land. Times when I had to carry my baby to a meeting. I receive a few hundred messages a day from parents. I have been assaulted for standing true to our principles. Then there are the up moments my children sprint to me and rain kisses all over me. Or the sweet messages parents pause to leave for my team and me. They eclipse the down moments.


on being strong

She suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to the entire left side of her body, from top to toe. My daughter spent 3 months in hospital, 1 month totally bedridden and laying only on her right side, connected to tubes and having to undergo countless injections and having skin graft surgery on her face, ear, shoulder and arm.

the fisherman

My husband took everything in his stride - not once did I hear him complaint of his sudden and rapid health deterioration. Through it all he remained the calm and brave fisherman that I knew thirty years ago.

story of us

We always made it a priority to accommodate each other in any way we can and we tried our best to be the best version of ourselves for each other. That’s why people think we fit like a glove. Truth is, we made us fit together. How many times have I witnessed him go out of his way to make me happy. With him I’ve learned that true love is all about selflessness...and it’s totally worth it!

from the heart of a mother

My second miracle happened sooner than I expected but Allah has a better plan for my baby. I said hello to my son and had to say good bye 30 minutes later. My son passed away peacefully in my arms. I can still smell and feel him until today, my precious Yusof. I conceived again 6 months later but I lost the pregnancy at 12 weeks. I conceived again 8 months after the miscarriage, and I lost the pregnancy at 11 weeks. According to my doctor, I am physically fit but not emotionally. Deep in my heart, I know she is right...

the postpartum depression

I cried almost everyday especially at dusk. Everybody got so worried especially my husband and my parents. My husband was trying his best to make me feel better, worried that I have succumbed to post-partum depression


CREATing the balance

Of course its a constant struggle to create a balance, and as parents, we are learners along the way. But we strive our very best to make it work. And as adults, being petty when you have children is never an option.

Yaya 5.jpg

The captain's daughter

I can still feel our last hug, and if I knew, I would have never let him go. But I know, I am the captain’s daughter and by captain’s order, the ship must set sail and get underway.


Whenever I feel down, she is the first person I would call even though she’s all the way in the UK while I’m either in Malaysia or Melbourne. She would answer all of my calls without fail. She mailed me 10 birthday gifts last year because she said it’s been 10 years since we’ve been friends. So 10 years equals to 10 gifts!