Musa Goes to (Play) School!

Last week was a memorable one for me - sending my first born to his first day of school.

Musa is 2 years old, a bit young to send to school, some would argue - but I noticed his eagerness to learn for quite some time already, and I know my working hours limit my ability to give him the kind of exposure he deserves. Besides, he was getting a tad too clingy and I thought some time away with others kids would help build his confidence and social skills.

When Z and I agreed to send Musa to a play school, I was very particular to make sure it is truly a play-based school. Not that there's anything wrong with learning ABC, but he has his lifetime to learn so I really want him to just spend more time building his social skills and confidence through play. And Musa really loves the outdoor life (daddy's boy for sure!), so that became a priority in my search for a playschool too.

He was really excited for his first day, all dressed up with socks, cap and a school bag. I remember thinking, aww looking like a real grown up this one. Until we reached the class and bammmmm, all hell broke loose.

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Musa's 1st Time at the Mosque!

Musa went to the Mosque for the 1st time last Sunday ❤️

He had this huge smile plastered on his face the whole time. Probably enjoyed the company of newfound friends at the Mosque's Kids Playroom. At some point, he tried to stand next to me and mimicked my prayers (yes, of course I noticed it 😅). Had his first taste of bubur lambuk too - the smile never left his face.

Someday Musa, as you grow older, you will be exposed to perceptions and ideas - ideas such as the mosque is only a place for the mundane.

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Date Night

So, I realised I've been married for more than four years and with two kids, date night ritual between Z and I is almost...non existent.

Perhaps we got into the complacent zone, or maybe we were so busy juggling family, work and everything in between that date night becomes the least of our concern. 

There's always a good excuse though - the kids need us because we work all the time, our parents want to spend time together, AVA session way overdue, somebody is married, somebody is about to pop a baby, somebody's sick and we need to visit, somebody's gonna be king and rule this universe...well you get the gist.

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Black Caley

You know how they say kids say the darnest thing? Well I got the taste of my own medicine last night with Musa.

Musa loves going through alphabets and numbers and he identifies basic items like bus, apple, flowers and body parts. Since he is turning 20 months soon, I thought it's time to teach him something new.

So we started counting 11 - 20 and identifying colors around us. He has this thick baby accent that is just so cute to hear and always makes me smile and laugh...except for yesterday. Oh, yesterday.....

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Weekend in White

So continuing where I left off in my previous blogpost, there we were - the three of us in my bedroom.

Titts had this unmistakably impatient look on her face, the kind of look she has when she's got plans in her head and needed it done as soon as possible. You know...her everyday look 😂 (that girl gets 12,637 things done in a day, she's crazy efficient!)

Asma' - well Asma' just looked stoked for the weekend, wasted no time and rummaged through my wardrobe to pack my clothes. 

And me?

Well I just stood there for a good 3 minutes, watching the two of them get in action while still digesting everything in my head (Pregnant brain, remember?)

"But I thought Z was supposed to take me out to Genting for Burger Lobster later today...." I said in between my thoughts.

"Yup, aint happening girlfriend. Move! We don't have much time!" one of them said.

Pregnant Brain: But I really want Burger Lobster....So Z if you're reading this (which I'll make sure you will).....😂

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My Favorite FV Bride

So if you know me via Instagram, there is a 90% chance that you also know I have a best friend who is about to get married. You probably don't know the guy, but knows what he looks like from the back 😂 #instajoke

Two weeks ago, Asma' wrote on our AVA group chat to free up our Friday for her first bridal dress measurement and of course for Titts and I, there was only one correct reply to that:

"We'll think about it."

😂😂😂😂😂 I'm kidding!!

Of course we said okay in a heartbeat! We were so excited to see Asma' in her chosen #FVBridal assemble. 

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The Royal Duck

When Titts told me her brand, dUCk is collaborating with Her Royal Highness Princess Sarah of Brunei, I had the horrible task to keep my cool and not tell a soul. I told myself, "You can do this Toots, it's no biggie - just the Brunei know, only the richest royalty in the world!" Hehe.

And as she tells me more about the progress of the collaboration, and how warm the royal family are my respect for them just grew everyday. In my head, I imagined The Princess, Titts, Asma' and I as best friends already, exchanging stories over cakes and coffee. SAVA doesn't sound so bad after all.....

So of course I was determined to make it to the launch of The Royal Duck in Brunei - a collaboration between my real best friend and my best friend in another life 😂

But going to Brunei was not without its fair share of challenges.

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