A Muslim's Everyday Struggle in a Muslim World

Growing up I was often told to be grateful that I am born Muslim, and that I am living in a country that is predominantly Muslim. While this is true, the concept of “being grateful” sometimes blinds our eyes to the flip side of the scenario: i.e. the issues we faced as a result of being born and bred in a predominantly Muslim country.

Some would even say to question is to be ungrateful of this blessing. “Other people have it worse,” they would say. But that’s not the point. In any situation there is good and bad. Likewise, being a Muslim in a country where the official religion is Islam, can be a blessing or a test. To acknowledge this is not to be ungrateful, it is to be realistic.

Having two kids of my own now, I find myself constantly wondering the kind of thoughts, ideas, and influences that will shape their behavior and how best could I play my role as a parent to navigate them through this thing we all call life.

I pen down my thoughts here to Musa and Umar, even if its unpopular to do so. Because these are real issues facing our society, myself, and potentially my kids as they grow up - and I want them to have the opportunity to read and evaluate this, when they grow older and come to grasp with their own identity as a Muslim.

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