Black Caley

You know how they say kids say the darnest thing? Well I got the taste of my own medicine last night with Musa.

Musa loves going through alphabets and numbers and he identifies basic items like bus, apple, flowers and body parts. Since he is turning 20 months soon, I thought it's time to teach him something new.

So we started counting 11 - 20 and identifying colors around us. He has this thick baby accent that is just so cute to hear and always makes me smile and laugh...except for yesterday. Oh, yesterday.....

Yesterday, Z left for outstation so Musa was extra clingy with me. To get his mind off things, I started asking him to show me colors around us.

I started the ball rolling and said, "Show Ibu Blue color!" He pointed to his shirt and said "Blue Caleyy" and I thought, good boy!

"Show Ibu White color!" I said again. He pointed to the door and exclaimed "White Caley!". I gave him a thumbs up sign thinking - Yay, he's finally getting it!

Finally I said "Show Ibu Black color, Musa!" Then the unthinkable happened. Musa lifted my top and pointed to my raw, post pregnancy stretchmarks and confidently said, "Black Caley!"


Suffice to say, that was the end of our conversation.

#yourenotgraduatingfromschoolofcolorsMusa #cosyoupissedthedean #anditsbrownnotblack #pfffft