Weekend in White

So continuing where I left off in my previous blogpost, there we were - the three of us in my bedroom.

Titts had this unmistakably impatient look on her face, the kind of look she has when she's got plans in her head and needed it done as soon as possible. You know...her everyday look 😂 (that girl gets 12,637 things done in a day, she's crazy efficient!)

Asma' - well Asma' just looked stoked for the weekend, wasted no time and rummaged through my wardrobe to pack my clothes. 

And me?

Well I just stood there for a good 3 minutes, watching the two of them get in action while still digesting everything in my head (Pregnant brain, remember?)

"But I thought Z was supposed to take me out to Genting for Burger Lobster later today...." I said in between my thoughts.

"Yup, aint happening girlfriend. Move! We don't have much time!" one of them said.

Pregnant Brain: But I really want Burger Lobster....So Z if you're reading this (which I'll make sure you will).....😂

Everything happened so quickly. In 10 minutes, Mizal arrived with the car, my bags were packed for the weekend and I was already kissing Musa goodbye. Musa lovesss saying goodbye, he has the happiest tone when he says "Bye bye Ibu!" so it wasn't that hard leaving him behind hehe.

Do I secretly wish I could bring him along so we could cuddle to sleep like we do every night? Of course I do!

But do I want some time off for myself before the 2nd one pops out? You bet for sure it's a yes, yes, yes x 1000 times. Hehe. 

They didn't have to tell me where we were headed, I knew the route too well, knew that these two goons would always keep the tradition alive, so off to The Majestic we go. It was our go to for my birthday sleepover, my bridal shower sleepover and to add to the list, my pre-popthebaby sleepover. It's almost like our second home, and no other hotel in KL comes close!

Unless.....you know, St Regis comes with an offer for a free night stay in their Royal Suite......😂😂😂 

It was such a great sleepover. We did nothing but laze around, order room service, get ourselves pampered at the spa (at this point I realised the getaway is as much for me as it is for them 😒) have some quality me time not talking to each  other (haha) and sleep early.

Wow, I just made us sound like grandmas didn't I? 

Okay fine, we did party it up!

We watched Carpool Karaoke with James Corden on Youtube and laughed so, so much (love the Michelle Obama, Bieber and Adele's series!) and even shed some tears watching the golden buzzers from America's Got Talent. We were supposed to watch Legally Blonde too but then.....hmm...sleep happened #okayfinewearegrandmas

At least one of us is grandma in glittery pants 😂 

At least one of us is grandma in glittery pants 😂 

That morning we woke up bright and early for breakfast, sat around the table and actually TALK to each other. This rarely happens because we're so used to just whats-apping each other. It's really nice to be able to physically confide and talk about our future and everyday struggles without a kid crying at the background or one of us rushing for the next appointment.

Musa joined us that morning and we had lunch at Pavilion (probably the most happening activity so far haha) and was ready to check out by 3pm.

The very happy party crasher....

The very happy party crasher....

I felt so refreshed and ready to go home. Titts wanted a picture at the courtyard just outside the hotel so we agreed to meet downstairs.

While walking to the courtyard with Asma', I looked around and saw Titts, at this far, really not strategic, small corner of the Colonial Cafe. She has got flowers on her head and the biggest smile on her face and she was waving at me.

Hmm. That's weird. Why would she get so overdressed with flowers all on her head? And why is she there and not at the courtyard? I thought.

Then I squinted further, and realised she was not alone. There were 10 of them, all dressed in white with flowers on their head. And since everyone at the cafe looked so classy, having English tea all, none of them could shout for me to come over. Just a sight of ten overly excited girls frantically waving for me to come over 😂

Ah...it's my surprise baby shower! Finally, my pregnant brain got it right. Hehe.

I was genuinely surprised.

I mean honestly, I didn't even expect a baby shower for the 2nd baby! When Titts was pregnant with Mariam, we didn't even throw her a shower, we just emailed her a sleepover voucher (at Majestic Hotel, of course hehe) for her and Fadza to enjoy. I mean if Titts is expecting a shower for her 3rd baby....I'm not sure how I feel about that! 😂

And it's not just my closest friends in one table guys, it's my closest friends in one beautifully decorated table, that it almost feels like I'm getting married! We played games, (well they played games while I watch - and you'll see from the pictures why I'd rather watch haha), I was showered with presents and good food and we wrapped the day with some silly billy photoshoot at the courtyard.

Now, ready for some photo spamming time? 

As much as I try to appear cool the whole time, I gotta admit I was so touched seeing everyone come together to celebrate me. And my baby. Of course.  To celebrate me and my baby, I mean. Note to self: It's not just about you.

I really believe in surrounding yourself with good people and these people are really amazing and always showering me with so much love even when I am undeserving of it. Sometimes days and weeks would go by without us seeing each other, but everytime we're together it always feels the same. I can only make du'a that Allah will bless them with a happy life...because I'm too pregnant to throw them a party. Hahah. 

And to Titts and Asma' and rest of my girlfriends - please start planning for my Post-Pantang Shower / Sleepover! ✌🏼 #agirlcantry