My Favorite FV Bride

So if you know me via Instagram, there is a 90% chance that you also know I have a best friend who is about to get married. You probably don't know the guy, but knows what he looks like from the back 😂 #instajoke

Two weeks ago, Asma' wrote on our AVA group chat to free up our Friday for her first bridal dress measurement and of course for Titts and I, there was only one correct reply to that:

"We'll think about it."

😂😂😂😂😂 I'm kidding!!

Of course we said okay in a heartbeat! We were so excited to see Asma' in her chosen #FVBridal assemble. 

The appointment was scheduled at 12.30pm on a Friday but I finished my half day at work slightly later than planned, got caught in Friday traffic and finally arrived close to 1.15pm. Went to an old familiar block where the designer's boutique used to be and noticed the sign on the door that says "For our employees only"

Hmm.. thats weird, says pregnant brain.

Maybe its a typo, maybe they meant to say "For our customers only". Maybe the one who wrote that was just as pregnant as I was when she did it. Totally understandable... pregnant brain solved the mystery. 

I opened the door, totally dismissed the sticky note on the glass door and looked up.

Three levels of steep, mighty stairs to climb. Gosh, that's a LOT of effort for someone who is so pregnant she's beginning to look like Gru at this point.

IloveAsma'IloveAsma'IloveAsma' chants pragnant brain as my swollen right foot took its first step.

Clearly, I'm not the most fit pregnant lady in town. By the time I was on the 1st floor, I was panting. By the time I was on the 2nd floor, I was contemplating of killing Asma'.  By the time I was on the 3rd floor, I just want to barge in and plonk myself on the nearest sofa! 😂

Except that I couldn't, because it wasn't the store that I was greeted by. It was a room, filled with sewing machines and good ol hard working people making clothes. It looks like a workshop, definitely not where people would try on their wedding clothes...

Then I thought of the sticky note...

Ah...whoever wrote that was not pregnant afterall...

Why couldn't I just read simple English and understand it as how its meant to be......Why.........

A short phonecall to Tiits confirmed that I was at the wrong place. Three levels of stairs...for nothing guys...nothing....


Slowly, I walked down the stairs (really annoyed at my pregnant brain), down the road, crossed the street to where the actual boutique is. By the time I made it, Asma' was already in her changing room, Titts was making herself at home and all I could mustered was....I need water...

Sofa never felt any comfier than it did that day!!!

Sofa never felt any comfier than it did that day!!!

But self drama aside, I was so glad I made it to her first fitting! Of course I made her try everything again so I could witness every possible dress. And of course I didn't help with anything except make her try more and more clothes #totesuseful

I mean, just check out those two useless minions at the back who refused to move from their seats....

No guys, this was not the dress she chose.....wouldn't ruin the surprise for her! 

No guys, this was not the dress she chose.....wouldn't ruin the surprise for her! 

And when we did get up and move around, of course it was to fool around and not help Asma' out......



But jokes aside, ahh....I really can't wait for her big day! This girl sure deserves all the happiness in the world and I can already feel her happy vibes shining through every step of the way. 

Glowing Bride to Be :')

Glowing Bride to Be :')

We had so much fun teasing her and being all useless. Grab-ed our way home to my place together and little did I realise, there was more to the day than what's in my calendar when Titts said, "Pack your bag, we're kidnapping you for the weekend!

I'll save the story for the next post :)