I Knew This Day Would Come

When you have to share the room you grew up in with first, your husband and then your child (and soon, children!) - you know it's just a matter of time before space becomes an issue. Four cabinets meant for just me, myself and I for the longest time, are now used to store man's clothes, baby diapers and well, you get the gist. 

When we got married, I generously gave Z one and a half cabinet for him to put his stuff 💁🏻. Then Musa happened, hehe. For Musa, I bought a new chest of drawers to put his clothes and now that his little brother's arrival is just around the corner, I really have no clue where to find more space.

At the corner of my mind, I knew the inevitable had to happen...I have to sell some of my preloved items to make way for more space 😭

I spent the Ramadhan carefully choosing items to let go. The thing is I have been spring cleaning my wardrobe every now and then, so what's left are really those that are dear to me and it's so hard to choose which to let go! Asma' said the rule of thumb is if I haven't touch it for over a year, chances are I will never wear it again but what does she know, pffft. Plus I'm super pregnant and cant fit into most of my clothes so her rule really doesn't apply, hehe. 

The funny thing is, when I was done selecting things to let go, my wardrobe now looks like this:

What happened to colors in my life guys?!! Have they dissipated into thin air?!?! Hahahahaa. #monochromeforlife

So anyways, if you guys are interested to have a look at my pre-loved, check out the tab "PRE-LOVED" and you can make your purchases there.

Some important points to note:

1. As much as I try to make the purchasing experience as professional looking as possible, my website is not built for commercial specs, so you will see prices marked as "Zero/nil" in your bill and order summary.
2. Don't get excited, these are not freebies 😂 Prices are marked in the item description instead.
3. At the checkout page, please read the Purchase Instruction tab carefully. It will explain how to make payment and how to skip the Payment / Credit Card/ Paypal tab.
4. Delivery will be made 7 working days from date proof of payment is received (give chance la k to this very pregnant lady hehe)
5. If you have any query, you can always click on the "Contact" tab and ask away!

Have a good day guys and I hope you find some good catch in my preloved tab! :)