The Ramadhan Report Card

Wow, its been a good three weeks since I last blogged! Which is ironic because I have so many things I want to jot down here but never really make time to write #whatelseisnewToots hehe. But first thing first, I hope it's not too late to wish all Muslims a productive and meaningful Ramadhan! Hows your first five days going so far guys?? heart is always just so full of excitement for this beloved month. I love everything about it. The sahur and berbuka experience, how food looks 100 times more delicious than usual, the nights spent at the masjid, and more importantly knowing how much Allah opens door for forgiveness and rewards in this special month...sigh, everything is just love, really <3

Each year, I will plan in advance what to do / not do in Ramadhan and more often than not my report card at the end of the month is soooo bad it really shouldn't see daylight. I will list down a thousand things to do, and end up doing barely 10% of whats planned. So this year, I've toned down a little bit, to make more realistic goals that I can keep up with in Ramadhan and even after.

I'm sharing some of my goals with you guys, and if you have anything interesting in your list do share with me because I would love to add on to my list (if I can)!

1. Alternate night of Tahajjud
Even just 2 rakaah prayer or tahajjud would do as long as I make a habit to wake up in the middle of the night to pray.

2. Zikir after prayer
I'm keeping it to just 33 x SubhanAllah, 33 x Alhamdulillah, 33 x Allahuakbar everytime after prayer. The motivation?

The Prophet SAW said,  "He who recites after every prayer: Subhan-Allah 33 times; Al-hamdu lillah 33 times; Allahu Akbar 33 times; and completes the hundred with: 
La ilaha illallahu, wahdahu la sharika lahu, lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamdu, wa Huwa `ala kulli shai'in Qadir will have all his sins pardoned even if they may be as large as the foam on the surface of the sea."

Chance for forgiveness? Yep, I need that alright!

3. A page of Quran a Day
Usually I go all gung-ho and plan to khatam by end of Ramadhan. But this year my focus is to make a habit to not let a day go by without reciting the Quran and learning its meaning along the way with Bayyinah TV. So, at least just a page a day will do!

4. Strengthen my memorisation of the Quran
Last year's resolution was to memorise Juzuk Amma. This year is just to strengthen my memorisation and have better understanding of the meaning. I've even forgotten some of the surahs which I memorised last year -____________-" 

5. To be a better wife
I can see Z smiling from the distance as I write this, hehe. Pregnancy has turned me into this Psycho Chic and no one feels the impact more than Z. So this month, I make a point to be nicer to him, and so far it's going good! I'm so happy to be in control of my emotions, and I think it even scares Z a little that being nice is my new normal. I'm gonna get him to rate me to see how I've done in the Wifey Department each month, although I honestly don't think he dares give a rating other than 10 :P #nakkena #thinkwiselybeforeyouspeakZ

6. Eat Healthy (I mean, healthier..)
Because my gynae has threatened to send me see a Dietitian if I don't control my diet and weight gain. Hahhahaa. Seriously, for now my resolution is just to eat brown rice, less ice drinks, and more fruits!

7. Plan for Musa's childhood
Ahh..the big one. Musa is growing older each day and his personality is slowly shining through. I have to make time to plan how I plan to raise him, the kind of exposure I want to set at home now that he is older and able to decipher routines and his surroundings. It's a blank page for now to be honest because I usually just go with the flow but I hope Z and I will be able to plan something for this amazing boy this Ramadhan and implement each one of them.

Okay I think that's all the new resolution for this year. Will see how my report card looks like at the end of the month! If I don't update, it's likely because I'm no where near Deans List material....and my ego got the better of me hehe!

Have an amazing, life changing Ramadhan guys! Plan, execute and don't let it go to waste because no one really knows if he or she will live for another Ramadhan to come :)