My Wucii

When I first started working, I didnt need a car because I have neighbors who were nice enough to carpool with. It lasted for over a year until I decided to get my first car - a Myvi which I named Wucii.

That was seven years ago.

Those who know me well know how dear Wucii is to me. I call her Wucii allllll the time that when people refer to her as Myvi, It doesnt even hit me they're talking about my car πŸ˜‚  In fact, one of my first posts when I first joined Instagram was that of Wucii (and you know how selective I am with my instapost!)

Back in 2013,  when Wucii was just 3 years old

Back in 2013,  when Wucii was just 3 years old

With Wucii, I started exploring the city little by little by myself - a giant leap for a girl who is a scaredy when it comes to driving and being on the road.

Seriously guys. I'm so bad at driving I'm not even gonna deny it...and for a good reason too. 

I'm one of those few, slow female drivers you pray to avoid when you're out on the road, rushing for a meeting. My 1st office was in KLCC, the most renown landmark in Malaysia and yet, on one of my first few drives to work, I lost my way and arrived office 2 hours later....and my house is just 6km away from KLCC.


There was also this time when I was about to park at work, there was no car and no pressure around me and yet I hit the wall and poor Wucii got her first dent that day.

Suffice to say, if patience is not your middle name, you really don't want me to drive you around, hehe. 

But Wucii was not judgmental of my driving skills (how could she be πŸ˜‚ ) and remained the low profile, obedient and low maintenance companion for a good 7 years. It was with me when I was single, married, became a mom to Musa and now carrying my second child.

So imagine how I felt when my mother hinted that she felt Wucii needed a replacement. I've been hearing it for over a year now and while I feel like saying, "What do you mean we need to replace Wucii, she is irreplaceable!" deep down I know that she's right. My small family is growing, Wucii's maintenance is getting more expensive and frequent and it makes total sense.

So with a heavy heart last week I decided to give in and let it go. We took family picture with Wucii and when I left for work without Wucii, I swear it almost felt like I was leaving a part of me behind.

It's like moving on to the next phase of life, it was life changing.

My two babies - Musa and Wucii

My two babies - Musa and Wucii

Oh did I tell you we trade Wucii in for another Myvii? Bahahahha. Clearly I have not progress much in life πŸ˜‚  But stillll, the color is different this time around and it will never replace the original Wucii. For the seven good years of living life on the road together,  I want to remember my first car, and all the memories we shared together.

What about you guys, are you still using your first car, and if not, do you remember your first car? I know for a fact I will always remember mine!  ❀