My Wucii

When I first started working, I didnt need a car because I have neighbors who were nice enough to carpool with. It lasted for over a year until I decided to get my first car - a Myvi which I named Wucii.

That was seven years ago.

Those who know me well know how dear Wucii is to me. I call her Wucii allllll the time that when people refer to her as Myvi, It doesnt even hit me they're talking about my car 😂  In fact, one of my first posts when I first joined Instagram was that of Wucii (and you know how selective I am with my instapost!)

With Wucii, I started exploring the city little by little by myself - a giant leap for a girl who is a scaredy when it comes to driving and being on the road.

Seriously guys. I'm so bad at driving I'm not even gonna deny it...and for a good reason too. 

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Sprinkle Me Some Black

Tasteful interior never fails to make my heart flutters.

And if you know me well, you know I love the classic touch. White, grey, nude, beige - basically the lighter the better. My sister said my taste is boring, but really - I think deep in her heart she meant to say, classy. Haha. I mean how can you say these pictures ain't pretty! But lately I'm seeing all that color combo, with a touch of black and boyyy, it makes a worlddd of difference. 

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